Inexpensive Roadside Assistance Services

Don’t panic if your vehicle has become disabled at the side of the road or at your home or business. Contact our patient staff for assistance. Our roadside assistance services are made available to those who need help with their vehicle in Gainesville, TX or surrounding areas.


We Provide the Following Roadside Services:

  • Vehicle unlocks
  • Tire changes
  • Jumpstarts
  • Winch Recovery
  • Fuel Delivery

Winch recovery


Looks like it’s time to call Hunter’s!.

We have the ability to winch both light and medium duty vehicles from as much as 150 feet away

Vehicle Unlocks


No Problem! We can unlock your car so you don’t have to call a locksmith.


If this is your problem…

Tire Change1

And you don’t want to be stuck doing this…

Tire Change2

Then this is your solution:

Hunter's Towing and Recovery



Ahhh The Dead Battery…

It always happens at the most convenient time right? No worries, just give Hunter’s a call and we will promptly get your vehicle jumpstarted and get you on your way.

However, when a battery runs dead, if it is not bad already, it can be permanently damaged. This is why we recommend visiting Hunter’s Oil Depot as soon as possible so we can perform a full system check to verify not only the state of the battery, but also the charging system.
A bad alternator is commonly the cause of a dead battery. Hunter’s Oil Depot stocks Interstate Batteries and has a mechanic on duty during normal business hours Monday through Saturday to repair any potential problems.

Fuel Delivery



It’s OK, it happens to just about everyone sooner or later. Just give us a call and we will have you going again before anyone finds out about it. It can be our little secret!